About Us

Hosenbugler Music is an all-Australian music publishing company. Concert band and Stage Band arrangements and compositions are available.

Most arrangements and compositions are aimed at primary school to early high school levels (beginner to about grade 3), though some music does get harder. All charts are either original compositions, or arrangements of Public Domain/out of copyright music, and most arrangements/compositions have a hint (if not a lot!) of jazz influence, which is not often found in music of this level. All music is written with instrumental ranges and technical ability in mind, which make the charts very playable for the target performers. Even in many easier pieces, aspects of jazz music (harmony, chord progressions, voice leading, dissonance, etc.) are obvious, to introduce young musicians to this genre as soon as possible. Most arrangements are in fact 'arrangements', not 'transcriptions' or 'adaptations' unless otherwise indicated. New chord progressions and harmonic structure means the classic tune everyone knows so well now has a fresh sound.

Hosenbugler music specialises in ballad/hymn/sacred item arrangements. There is very little interesting music available for younger bands in this genre, and Hosenbugler Music provides many modern arrangements of traditional songs.

Does your band have no tenor sax, but heaps of clarinets? Hosenbugler Music can provide you with the Tenor Sax part transposed down an octave to be played by some clarinets (of course, the transposed part would be kept within range). Even though most important parts that might be missing are cued in other parts, you can still request an entire part transposed for another instrument. Another example is if you have a Horn player who wishes to play in your stage band. The first trombone part can be transposed into treble clef up a fifth so your horn isn't left out. These additional parts are provided on request at a nominal fee. Do you know any other music publishers that provide this service?

Most importantly, prices are very reasonable. All prices are in Australian Dollars, and GST is not collected.

Hosenbugler Music is Tim Rowland - a regularly performing musician and composer/arranger from Sydney. Tim has written and arranged music since early high school. He graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 1995, and has conducted and written music for school and community bands since then. He plays piano/keyboard, basses, and most woodwind & brass instruments.

Hosenbugler Music uses Finale music notation software, using a combination of tradition music engraving practices combined with modern technology to produce the highest quality music publications.